4 Ways To Stop Second Guessing Your Facebook Marketing

Every single advertiser knows the benefits on Facebook Marketing and how they can use the social site to target their consumers. However, most of these advertisers know are the basics which are very elementary and don’t have the cutting edge in the competition. Marketing strategies such as to get Facebook likes and Sponsored Ads are very common. Your market competitors will probably drown you out on the game with something more innovative. An example of such strategies is this Dealdash reviews video posted on Youtube but shared a lot on Facebook.

Why do you need to be one of the many when you can be unique? I bet you don’t know the ad-focused changes that Facebook made to leverage your marketing efforts. So I am giving it to you here.

1.      Broad Ad Category and Family Targeting

Facebook’s broad ad category and family targeting options will allow marketers to target ads to broad categories of interests, such as musical genres, sports, activities, plus professional categories. This could give newbies the chance to easily target large and relevant audiences.

In addition, advertisers can include as many broad categories as they want that they can match with their demographic targeting such as age or relationship status.

In a tool tip, Facebook recommends advertisers to:

“Use Broad Category targeting to reach groups of people who share similar interests and traits, such as activities related to “Food & Dining”. These groups draw from the authentic information people have included in their profiles, allowing you to easily reach your ideal audience.”

4 Ways To Stop Second Guessing Your Facebook Marketing1

2. Facebook’s Recommend This Place

Recommend This Place is one of the efforts of Facebook to help local businesses get Facebook likes on their page. The Recommend This Place sidebar module reads: Help your friends discover great places to visit by recommending [Page Name]. It allows users to write a short recommendation of the page which will be automatically published to their news feeds, thus, shown to friends.

4 Ways To Stop Second Guessing Your Facebook Marketing2

3.     Community Edits

Community Edits is another effort on assisting local businesses on their advertising. Facebook Pages of Cities now display a native tab of which the header explains: The Community Edits tab lets you share your knowledge about places in [city] and makes Facebook Places more useful. You can also add details about places, report duplicates, and more. This asks users to fill information such as addresses and category of popular places in the city.

4 Ways To Stop Second Guessing Your Facebook Marketing3

4.     Zip Code Ad Targeting

This is one of the several improvements of Facebook on ad targeting. This is the ability of the advertisers, especially in US to target specific zip codes in addition to geo-target ads to cities, states, and countries. This is very beneficial to small businesses because this will allow them to target potential customers in closer areas. This makes it very convenient to get Facebook likes in US area.

4 Ways To Stop Second Guessing Your Facebook Marketing4

These are some of the changes that Facebook has made to improve ad targeting for businesses page. And some of these new features have been used to promote another brand management campaign of DealDash – another dealdash.com reviews video on Youtube. Furthermore, Facebook has brought more tips on Facebook Marketing as it is currently holding a free Facebook Marketing Bootcamp which is a six series of webinars with live question-and-answer about development of website and social media accounts as well as search engine optimization. The weekly session will run from November 1 to November 16. This is to make marketers understand better the ways to improve their marketing on the platform.

If you are not part of it yet, be sure to head over Facebook and join.